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Our “Old Time Favorite” cinnamon roasted nuts are simply delicious! Made from an old recipe we combine just the right counts of cinnamon and vanilla with a touch of salt for an amazing flavor experience!

Delicious Eating Tips: Try our cinnamon roasted nuts warm!  Simply place on a cookie sheet and warm in the oven or even heating in the microwave using a microwave safe container will do.  Heat them to your desire and enjoy…just like they came right out of the kettle!  You can also try our cinnamon sunflower seeds on any salad for a tasty topping that is a great addition.

Ingredients: Nuts*, water, pure cane sugar, vanilla extract, cinnamon, sea salt

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Weight 20 oz

11 reviews for CINNAMON PECANS – Party Size

  1. janis stephens

    I love these nuts. They are great for baking and on ice cream.

  2. Mary Stallone

    We are roasted nut aficionado’s, and without a doubt these are the best! We also love the dedication of the owner to ensure each nut is coated properly and you do not get fall off coating that you cannot eat and is just waste. A must have! We buy the Pecans Cinnamon Vanilla.

  3. Tara Skaggs

    We had Bobs vanilla cinnamon pecans nuts during our vacation in Vail and fell in love. Easily the best roasted candied nuts I’ve ever had!

  4. Andrew Henderson

    These nuts are fantastic! I go to the Dillon farmers market as much as possible so I can restock on these. There is truly nothing that compares to how good these are. I would recommend them to absolutely anyone.

  5. Josh (verified owner)

    I came across Bob at a farmer’s market while visiting Steamboat Springs. I couldn’t resist the smell from his tent. I ordered more when I got back to Florida and they came fast and fresh!

  6. Kevin Porreco

    I came across Bob’s stand at the open air market at the Denver Civic Center. I bought the cinnamon pecans. All of his nuts are more addictive than crack. The most delicious nuts I have ever had in my life.

  7. Tyler Maltos (verified owner)

    These nuts are nuts. Had some brought back from Colorado as a souvenir and have become obsessed. I get anxious when we start running low! Incredible quality product, absolutely delicious.

  8. Lexi

    Embarrassing to say but I bought this bag and ate it all myself within a week of purchasing- Best nuts EVER!

  9. Regina (verified owner)

    I bought the nuts at a fresh market and wish I got more! They’re absolutely amazing! Me and my kids ate the medium size bag in 1 day. Best nuts I’ve ever had!

  10. Mireya Gutierrez (verified owner)

    I recently heard about Bobs roasted nuts at the Denver ChristkindlMarket and loved them so much that we placed an online order for more. I can’t wait til they restock so we can buy more from them.

  11. Lisa

    Roasted nuts have never been my thing, but I bought two bags of these as gifts at the ChristKindl Market in Denver. I finished one bag by myself within days. Had to resist the other one, so that I could actually give it as a gift. They are amazing!!

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