4 Compartment Combo Tray


Pick and choose what goes in your personalized nut tray. You are sure to satisfy anyone’s craving with any assortment of nuts that you choose.


When you want to share the best with your friends – or simply stock up on goodness in a tray then this combination nut tray is the right thing for you! With this tray you receive 4 different flavors in one convenient package. Made to be shared and customized, pick and choose what goes in your tray from any of our options: cinnamon vanilla almonds, cinnamon vanilla cashews, cinnamon vanilla pecans, cinnamon vanilla peanuts, coconut almonds, roasted beer nuts, pumpkin spice almonds, peppermint chocolate almonds, Mexican hot chocolate almonds, and Mexican hot chocolate peanuts.

The four compartment holds approx. 8+oz of nuts.